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Home Garden Design Reflection on our Food System – Part 2

Reflection on our Food System – Part 2

We have a bread making machine at home. We were very excited about baking our own bread when we got it. Knowing the ingredients in our bread was one factor, but the main reason that we got the machine at that time was my annoyance of the amount of plastic bags we were getting and throwing away with the bread we ate. We ate (still eat) a lot of bread! French toast is the popular one in my home. My both kids and I love it. The machine came with a recipe for French toast. We tried it and loved it! The only person who was eating whole-multi- grain toast (obviously much healthier than white french toast) was my husband.

After the success we had with baking french toast, I attempted to try the multi-grain and that is when the problem started! Where do I buy all those whole grain flours and seeds? The grocery stores close to me (5 minutes dirve) certainly did not have them. Even the health food store close to work did not have them. And me being the busy mom of 2 and the working woman that I was, gave up very quickly. I decided that it is ok to have some bread coming in plastic! After all there is only so much I could do!

So we continued baking the french toast for quite some time and were so pleased that we were not throwing away all that plastic anymore. Until I got so busy that I stopped finding time to worry about baking the bread. Although the machine was really the one who did all the work, at some point I did not even have time to measure and throw the ingredients in. At that time my husband took responsibility and he made it for a while. Then he found white french toast baked in the grocery store that came in paper bags! After we tried the bread we liked it and because I would not be annoyed by the plastic since there were no plastic, he decided that he won’t need to worry about baking bread anymore!

Today, I looked at the ingredients in the whole grain bread that still comes in plastic. Thought about all the few ingredients we used to throw in the bread machine and could not help to wonder, why on earth do we need all of this stuff in bread? And I say stuff because I simply don’t know what a lot of these are!

Why is wheat gluten added as an ingredient? Isn’t gluten already part of wheat? oh… yay… Canola oil. I know what this one is! GMO is what it is! Calcium propionate? Diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono and diglycerides? Sodium stearoyl-2- lactylate, vegetable monoglycerides, sorbic acid? What the BLEEP are these?

Now, not only the plastic bothers me, but also the ingredients go on my nerves badly! Who knows what is in the french toast that my kids eat? That one does not even come with a list of ingredients since it does not come in packaging! Suddenly I am not sure which one is a bigger problem. The plastic or the ingredients?!!

Should I start baking my own bread again? Oh my goodness, I don’t have the time! And even if I did have the time, I could not find all the ingredients for baking multi-whole- grain bread anywhere close by!

Barley flakes, oat flakes, rye flakes, triticale flakes, corn meal, millet, sunflower, brown rice meal, dark buckwheat flour, sesame seeds. Why should bread be such a complicated matter in such a so called advanced society? This is tiring! It really is!